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    It's the mixture that makes it what it is! Only the best from our cave goes into our cheese fondue:

    • Le Gruyère AOP KALTBACH
    • KALTBACH Raclette
    • KALTBACH The Extra Spicy
    • KALTBACH Emmental AOP

    The unique cave refinement process gives the KALTBACH fresh fondue its characteristic flavour and high consistency.

    Here is a recipe tip for your exceptional cheese fondue with a fruity note, the CIDRE-FONDUE.


    • Mixture of the best KALTBACH specialities
    • high seediness thanks to particularly long ripening
    • Made from the best Swiss cow's milk

    KALTBACH fresh fondue, Swiss grated cheese mix of hard and semi-hard cheese, full-fat, made from raw and pasteurised milk

    Serving of 400g, for 2 persons.

    100g contained:
    Energy 1569 kJ (378 kcal)
    Grease 30g
    thereof saturated fatty acids 18g
    Carbohydrates < 0.1g
    thereof sugar < 0.1g
    Protein 26g
    Salt 1.6g

    Shelf life at least 20 days (from receipt of order).
    Keep at not more than 6 °C.

    Made in Switzerland.
    Emmi Schweiz AG, CH-6002 Lucerne
    www.emmi.com, CH 2068